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Welcome to Truly Jenny, where heartfelt motherhood experiences, genuine holistic living, and the vibrancy of life's journey are celebrated. 


Truly Jenny About Me

Welcome to Truly Jenny, where heartfelt motherhood experiences, genuine holistic living, and the vibrancy of life's journey are celebrated. I'm Jenny, a dedicated former essential oil entrepreneur, now a lifestyle blogger and a new mom, committed to sharing authentic, trustworthy insights and product recommendations.

First and foremost, Truly Jenny is meant to be the corner of the internet where holistic health meets awesome product recommendations, where we understand the importance of sometimes being able to hand your kids a french fry (or several) while also working to plan nutritious (and easy)  meals. 

With my dirty chai in my hand, and my favorite green pen in the other, I’m writing this first on a notepad at my kitchen table—after all, this is where serious business takes place. ;) 


Let’s get started.

My adventure started in the enchanting world of essential oils. There, I not only discovered my zeal for natural wellness but also learned the importance of trust and transparency in recommending products. As a businesswoman, I thrived on honesty and thorough research, ensuring that every product I endorsed was not just effective, but safe and aligned with holistic principles.

Emme, my delightful daughter, has been my newest and most rewarding chapter. Her arrival redefined my path and inspired me to create a space where I could continue to share my passion for wellness while embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood. Truly Jenny is more than a blog; it's a testament to a life lived with intention and care.

As I transitioned from entrepreneurship to blogging, my focus has always been on maintaining the trust I’ve built with my audience. I understand that as a mom, every choice I make for my family is crucial, and I bring this perspective to my blog. When I recommend products, it's because I believe in their quality and value, often using them in my own life. My goal is to provide you with honest, thoughtful advice and reviews so that you can make informed choices for yourself and your loved ones. 

Here, you'll find stories from my life, tips for a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and products that I've personally vetted for quality and integrity. Whether you’re navigating motherhood, seeking wellness inspiration, or looking for honest product reviews, Truly Jenny is your go-to source.

Join me on this journey, where trust, authenticity, and the shared experience of life connect us all. Let's explore, discover, and grow together.